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Tutbury Book of Remembrance

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2017 100th Anniversary 3rd Battle of Ypres

The development of the 2nd Edition of the Tutbury Book of Remembrance is supported by the

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Tutbury War Memorial Preservation
2017 100th Anniversary 3rd Battle of Ypres of Ypres

2017 – 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele

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News - October-December 2012

29 December 2012 - Book now available as a Flip Book

The Book is now available on the website to read in Flip Book format for those who prefer it to viewing a PDF file.

25 December - 98th Anniversary of Tutbury’s First WWI Casualty

The Christmas Truce of 1914 is well known, with many accounts on the Internet such as the websites Hellfire Corner, Spartacus Educational, and Wikipedia.  However, what is often forgotten is that the truce only applied to the Western Front and even then, the truce did not hold everywhere - heavy fighting and snipers took their toll.  

The website "The Long, Long Trail" has an excellent account indicating the losses that were sustained, and fits in with the fact that for Tutbury, the first casualty of the war was Grenadier William Edgar Priestly who died on Christmas Day 1914 – 98 years ago this Christmas day.  He is buried in the Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy, Pas de Calais and you can read what is known about him in the book.  The website "The Long, Long Trail" records that on Christmas Day 1914 the "2nd Grenadier Guards suffer losses in a day of heavy fighting".

23 December Tutbury Drill Hall

This zoom on a section of a photograph from the Tutbury Museum of the Tutbury Plaster Mill, with Bridge Street running across from the top to the right, is thought to show the Tutbury Drill Hall used by cadets - the Nissen hut in the centre - can anyone confirm?

16 November - Tutbury’s Seven War Memorials

High level information about Tutbury’s six other War Memorials has no been added to the website and can be found here.

14 November - “War Memorials Online” website available to the public

The Imperial War Museum, the War Memorials Trust and English Heritage have combined to provide an online database for public update at .

War Memorials Online is an unprecedented opportunity for the public to upload images of war memorials and log concerns for the conservation of these important community and historical sources for future generations. Together, we can build a complete picture of the whereabouts, type and condition of all war memorials in the UK.
Anyone and everyone can start discovering and recording war memorials for future generations. Your content is vital. Register to stay in touch as we develop the site over the next few months.

At the moment, only the stone cross War Memorial at St. Mary’s is listed on their database - we will be updating it at a later date with the details of the other six.

12 November - an offer from the Bishop of Stafford

The War Memorial was originally dedicated in 1920 by the then Bishop of Stafford.  In recent email communication with the Bishop about providing him with a copy of the Tutbury Book of Remembrance, the Bishop has kindly offered to re-dedicate the War Memorial should we manage to get it restored, something we would think that the village would welcome.

12 November - Burton Mail article

An article was published in the Burton Mail about the publication of the 1st Edition of the book - it can be read here.

11 November - Sunday Times articles about War Memorials

Two articles published in the Sunday Times “We don’t remember them: battles to save crumbling war memorials” by Jonathan Leake (read a copy here) and “New Ideas for the 21st century: Recovering the forgotten fallen in our midst” by Clive Aslet (read a copy here).  In the former article, the argument is that Britain’s War Memorials are in danger of being forgotten, damaged as they are by weathering and pollution - very much the situation in Tutbury.  The second article argues for research into the people named on the War Memorials as they are also in danger of being forgotten; this we have made a start on with the 1st Edition of the Tutbury Book of Remembrance and hope to continue next year, funding permitting.

11 November - War Memorials Online website

A contact from David Bull (nephew of Tutbury war hero Sgt. Charles W. Bull) has alerted us to a new website called War Memorials Online (  This website is supported by the Imperial War Museum, the War Memorials Trust and English Heritage - it seeks the public’s help in registering and documenting Britain’s  War Memorials, particularly their condition.

11 November - Remembrance Sunday

We attended the Service of Remembrance at St. Mary’s, Tutbury - a good service, well attended (standing room only) - and laid a wreath at the War Memorial on behalf of the relatives of the Fallen who could not attend the service.

8 November - 1st Edition of the Tutbury Book of Remembrance published

The 1st Edition of the Tutbury Book of Remembrance has been published in time for Remembrance Day 2012 - it covers the research on the first 50 from Tutbury who fell in WWI.  The 134 page book is being distributed free to relatives of the Fallen and to churches, museums and schools in the Tutbury area over the next few weeks; it is available to anyone else for £5 to cover printing costs (contact us here) or it can be read on the website at The Book .

It became apparent, as we have been doing the research, that the number of people involved, i.e. those who died who had connections to Tutbury, was greater than those listed on the War Memorial, our starting point for the project.  Hence for Remembrance 2012 we have published the 1st edition of the book, covering the first 50 Fallen from WI, these being the 47 from the War Memorial plus W. Harry Walker from the tablet in St. Mary's plus Alick Owen and Owen Bunting from a Memorial in the churchyard.  

At the time of printing the 1st edition, we are aware of 47 more WWI names to investigate and 16 from WWII; this research will recommence in spring 2013 - the list can be read on the website.  If anyone has information about the people listed on the website or in the book or any information about the War Memorial at St. Mary's, or indeed any information that might be useful to us then please contact us as above.

We are very grateful to the many relatives of the Fallen and fellow researchers who have helped us with this project and made the book far more comprehensive that it would otherwise have been.  But if anyone has further information then please contact us.

11 October - WWI centenary remembrance plans given £50m by the government

More than £50m has been allocated for a "historic" commemoration of the centenary of the start of World War I, David Cameron has announced.

Speaking at the Imperial War Museum, the prime minister said he wanted a truly national commemoration.

More information here , our thoughts here

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