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News - June - July 2012

20 July

Comment received via the website:

I am sorry I did not make myself clear, your work is exceptional and both Mark and I were very impressed indeed. In fact speak to Tutbury in Bloom post our presentation day on 13th Sept.
Well Done
Roger Bache
Vice Chair
Heart of England in Bloom

16 July

Tutbury in Bloom.  As part of the event, we were asked to put on our Tutbury Book of Remembrance display stand at St. Mary’s Church as part of the “community” element of the “in Bloom” event.  The judges spent about 20 minutes with us discussing the project and hopefully were reasonably impressed.

16 July

A page added to the website showing the deaths in WWI by street

11 July

Staffordshire Regiment to be axed.  It would appear from the local press that the “Staffords” (The Staffordshire Regiment”) are to be axed (This is Staffordshire, Burton Mail, Express & Star) by the Coalition.  If, like us, you think that this is a betrayal of a fine regiment, there is an online petition you can sign Staffordshire County Regiment - Yes We Are Worth Saving.

In just under 4 years time (July 1st 2016) it will be 100 years since 366 men of the Staffords were killed in a single day (228 North Staffordshire, 138 South Staffordshire), seven of them from Tutbury, at the battle of Gommecourt on the 1st day of the Somme; it was some nine months later when many of their bodies were able to be recovered from no-man’s land by their comrades(1).  It would appear that a short time after this anniversary the regiment will cease to exist!

Interestingly, the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has confirmed that Scotland would keep its regimental names and cap badges (BBC News July 5) – this does not seem to apply in England.

07 July

Link added to the new website publishing the book on Sgt. Charles William Bull 1914-1944, compiled by his nephew David Bull - the website can be reached here

03 July

Revised website layout published - please note that the contact form is not working yet.

03 July

Project status: Jane is up to Timmins in WWI in the draft of the biographies - seven more to go and then back to the top to review them against the now available 1911 census.  Further research on who was wounded in WWI and on the War Memorial will necessitate further visits to the Magic Attic, Burton Library and the Staffordshire Records Office; and then on to World War II.

01 July

Today is the 96th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme when at least 7 men from Tutbury died and some 228 of the North Stafford’s lost their lives at the Battle of Gommecourt.  

1 July 1916 was the worst day in the history of the British Army, with nearly 20,000 men killed and nearly 40,000 more wounded or taken prisoner.  By the time the offensive on the Somme was called off, in November 1916, the death toll was over 120,000, and many of the dead were never found or could not be identified.

The Thiepval Memorial bears the names of more than 72,000 of the missing and hundreds of people attend the ceremonies held there every July 1st.  2012 is a particularly special year as it also marks 80 years since the Thiepval Memorial was inaugurated by Edward, Prince of Wales. A video of the unveiling can be seen here.

28 June

98th anniversary of the event that started World War I - On 28th June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated by a Yugoslav Nationalist. WW1 then began when Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia.


Two members of the Tutbury Civic Society are to attend a Heritage Lottery Fund seminar in July that will explain how to apply for grants for renovation of War Memorials and other WWI related items.


Addition of a "Did you know" page to highlight some basic facts that have been uncovered - limited to WWI at the moment.


Stall in the High Street at the Jubilee Party - a number of useful contacts and a lot of general interest.

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