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News - March - April 2012


Invitation to have a stall at the Jubilee Party in the High Street on Monday June 4th.


Response from the War Memorial Trust on the condition of the War Memorial in St Mary's Church yard - the email can be read here


Meeting with the Civic Society to discuss the renovation/ conservation of the War Memorial prior to the centenary of the start of WWI - read more on the War Memorial page


Research trip to the Staffordshire Regiment Museum to see if they could provide any extra information on the men from the North and South Staffs Regiments.  Unfortunately they do not have any records on individuals and research through the War Diaries of the North and South Staffs for WWI showed that they tended not to record the names of "Other Ranks" who got killed, only the Officers, so at the moment that line of research has come to a dead end.


First trip to St. Mary's to start tending the War Graves - tidied up the two WWII graves although someone has also been there and done some grass trimming.  We are trying to cut the brambles and other unwelcome flora back as far as possible so that the graves are clearly visible from a distance.


Item in Hatton News.


Meeting with relatives of the Sgts. Charles W. Bull (one from each WW) - (distant) familial link established!


We have a meeting today at St. Mary’s with Doug Meney, the Regional Supervisor for CWGC for this area (Staffordshire is a temporary addition to his patch).  He has inspected the WWI graves on the Terrace and the WWII graves at the North end (Section D).  All the gravestones are physically sound but the lettering on the two WWII headstones have deteriorated more rapidly than the WWI headstones (different stone) and they have been listed for replacement, although by the natural order of things this will be in a few years time

In addition to the general maintenance of the graves and the gravestones CWGC’s primary concern was of physical public access; this is no problem for the WWII graves (although the path is often muddy) but there is no obvious access route to the WWI graves on the Terrace.  Hopefully, when the clearance work recommences in the spring in section B and the Terrace, a safe access route may be established.  We will shortly recommence clearing and tidying the graves and the areas around them plus we have identified some non-CWGC memorials to the war dead which we will also tidy if we detect that no one else is looking after them.


Contacted the Hilton and Marston History Group to enquire about Hatton registrations in the late 19th Century - one possible outcome of the contact is that we will be attending the History Group's Open Day in September.


Another article in Tutbury Village News covering the progress of our project - thanks Jean

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