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Tutbury Book of Remembrance

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2017 100th Anniversary 3rd Battle of Ypres

The development of the 2nd Edition of the Tutbury Book of Remembrance is supported by the

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Tutbury War Memorial Preservation
2017 100th Anniversary 3rd Battle of Ypres of Ypres

2017 – 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele

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News - January-June 2013

4 June 2013

News on Tutbury War Memorials Preservation website

For a short time, until this website is updated, more news can be found at the Tutbury War Memorials Preservation website.

13 March 2013

Request to Tutbury Parish Council for a Grant

As the costs of producing the 1st Edition of the Tutbury Book of Remembrance were much higher than we anticipated and we need to produce a 2nd Edition to cover the extra men that have been referred to us, we have applied to Tutbury Parish Council for a grant.

10 March 2013

WWI Adoption of French Villages - British League of Help

We been told that the adoptions such as Derby of Foncquevillers after WWI was arranged under the auspices of an organisation called The British League of Help for the Devastated Areas of France, or British League of Help for short. 

We have managed to identify to sources of information on this topic - the Imperial War Museum and Leeds University Library (part of the Letters and Papers of Lilias, Countess Bathurst) - we are hoping to go to Leeds in the near future to look at the documentation.

25 February 2013

More books printed and Waterstones

People continue to want the book (in small numbers) and the original 70 books have all gone.  Therefore we have had another 20 printed but this means that, because of the small numbers, the price per copy has had to go up to £10.  It is also available in Waterstones (courtesy of Eric Reynolds suggestion).

11 February 2013

Tutbury War Memorials Conservation website launched

From today all new (and old) information about Tutbury War Memorials, the Tutbury War Memorials Conservation Committee (TWMCC), and the conservation and repair of the War Memorials, particularly the Stone Cross War Memorial, will be posted on the Tutbury War Memorials Conservation website - all the material previously on this website has been moved to the new website

20 January 2013

World War II Roll of Honour Book found

We have been given sight of a book entitled “Tutbury - The World War - 1939-1945”.  A leather bound book with gold inlay, it appears to be a hand written (in Old English script) book, the frontispiece says “A Record of those who gave their lives and of those who served in H.M. Forces”, and it is dedicated “To The Glory of God and the eternal memory of the fallen”.  It contains the names of the Fallen and of those who served.

We hope to scan the book and make it available on the website for everyone to see.  Does anyone know of the existence of any other copy of the book?

20 January 2013

Woman’s Weekly

The 22nd January 2013 edition of Woman’s Weekly has a letter from one Jane Nuth, describing the enjoyment of both family history research and War Memorial research - hopefully it might inspire someone else to research the names on their War Memorial.

19 January 2013

AH Scriven - who thought he had died?

When doing research at the Magic Attic we found a press cutting describing the death of AH Scriven of Tutbury, killed with two comrades by a shell on 31st July 1917.  The original newspaper scan and a text version can be seen on the Links & Files page; he was a tailor in Ashbourne and the son of Mrs Scriven of Bridge Street, Tutbury.  

However, no record of his death exists on the Commonwealth War Grave Commission database or the Soldiers who Died in the Great War database.  Further research shows that he survived the war, lived in Ashbourne, had two daughters and died in 1954.  What we do not know is what actually happened on 31st July 1917; the newspaper cutting was from the 13th September - his family must have thought he was dead. When did they know that he was alive, was he wounded, was it mistaken identity or ?????  If anyone has any information we would love to know.

43 more Fallen to research!

18 January 2013

47 Becomes 44

We started the year with a further 47 WWI names of the Fallen to research.  We have now removed three of them, HS Gorton, H Mear and F Walker, from our list.  They were originally included because their photographs were at the end of the group of photographs of the Fallen in a Nestlé book but they were there because they were decorated, not because they were killed.

27 January 2013

Letter from TWMCC to the Parish Council

The TWMCC meeting above determined that, for it to succeed in its discussions with conservation companies and organisations and relevant authorities, it needs formal backing from the Parish Council - a letter requesting that has been sent to the Parish Council in time for the 21st January 2013 parish Council meeting; it can be read on the Links & Files page. 

We await the Council’s response before proceeding further with the Committee or the partially developed website

27 January 2013

Rolleston Lych-gate War Memorial restoration

The Lych-gate War Memorial at St Mary’s church, Rolleston-on-Dove is to be renovated as a joint effort by the church, the Rolleston-on-Dove Parish Council and the Royal British Legion.

10 January 2013

First Tutbury War Memorials Conservation Committee (TWMCC) Meeting

Following on from the Parish Council meeting on 19th November 2012 about the conservation and/or renovation of the Stone Cross War Memorial in St. Mary’s churchyard (links to the see Burton Mail article and the Parish Council Minutes can be found on the Links and Files page), we held the first meeting of the Tutbury War Memorials Conservation Committee (TWMCC).  The briefing notes for the meeting and the draft minutes of the meeting can also be read on the Links & Files page.  The briefing notes will be used as the basis for the Tutbury War memorials website.

The committee agreed that its scope would cover all public memorials to the dead of the two world wars in Tutbury and seek to conserve them and where suitable renovate them, the priority being the Stone Cross War Memorial in St. Mary’s churchyard which is in poor condition.  

The Bishop of Stafford, the Rt Revd Geoff Annas, has already indicated that he would, with the vicar’s permission, like to rededicate the Stone Cross memorial when it is conserved and/or restored as it was originally dedicated by his predecessor.   

The committee so far consists of Rick Nuth (elected chairman), Jane Nuth (elected secretary), Sue Norris (Civic Society), Pol and Bob Wood (Tutbury Museum), Bernie Barton (War Memorials).  If the committee receives the backing of the Parish Council (see below) we will seek a wider representation from the village, including the Parochial Church Council (note: 20 January 2013 - two more people have expressed an interest in joining the committee).

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