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2014 Research Names

The names on the following pages are those WWI Fallen that we shall research during 2014 for the 2nd Edition of the Book and the WWII names that will be researched for the 3rd Edition.  If you have any information about them please contact us - we would love to hear from you.  Also, if you think there are other Fallen who had a connection to Tutbury who are not on our list then please tell us.

A number of the WWI names are those that have turned up when searching the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website or genealogy websites for people with Tutbury connection - they may have been born here and moved away when they were very young - in which case their connection to Tutbury will be slim.  On the other hand they may have moved away when they were 15 and have been well remembered.

Other WWI names have been found on other local memorials such as the Oddfellows, Nestle and the Druids but they were not on the Tutbury Memorial.

All of these will be investigated.

The WWI names are those from the War Memorial plus a small number that have come to light so far - when we start the WWII research it is very likely that more names will emerge.

The research names can be found via the links:

2014 WWI Names 2014 WWII Names

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